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[Life Giving Spring Bookstore] In 1990, when Anastasia Kalivas graduated from Holy Cross Seminary in Brookline, Massachusetts with a Masters of Divinity, she did not plan on opening an orthodox bookstore. In looking back, the thought of a bookstore had been in her mind for years, but it didn’t come to fruition until Bright Week 2000 (the week after Pascha or Easter).

When she first graduated from seminary, she was surprised at the number of jobs available for women. For ten years she worked in many positions, from pastoral assistant in both a parish in Jacksonville, Florida, and Saint Sophia Cathedral in Los Angeles, to serving the Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry as an administrative assistant involved with editing and publishing catechism books. It was working at the prison ministry that gave her the idea for the kind of books and icons to sell locally. She wanted to sell in Glendale, California — the town she grew up in.

Her family embraced her dream. Father George, mother Pota, and brothers Nick and Elias assisted in making the store a reality and they continue to help.

[Life Giving Spring Bookstore]
From left to right: Elias, George, Pota and Anastasia Kalivas

Anastasia gets all of her food items from the Life-Giving Spring Monastery — a women’s Greek Orthodox Convent in Dunlap, California. The majority of icons come from St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery in Florence, Arizona.

The Life-Giving Spring Bookstore has a pan-orthodox focus — serving Greek, Russian, Antiochian, Romanian, Serbian, and Bulgarian Orthodox. The bookstore is more than just books and icons, but also sells videos, music, jewelry, crosses, wedding and baptism products, vigil lamps, incense, prayer ropes, cards, needlepoint, monastery virtual tour CD-ROMs, candles and soaps. Food and beverages include olives, applesauce, jam, syrup, and fruit vinegar. All items food and beverage items are hand made by the nuns at the Life-Giving Spring Monastery.

The bookstore is also home to many social events, including monthly bible studies, frequent book signings, and guest readings.

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